Friday, February 18, 2005

the fifth week

take a break eat
take the third roundabout
and feeling as if only or impossible
desire imagined medinas cool air off
the atlas the geography of a new country
the trip was taking me out of myself and then
what was left? inserting the endless
possibilities from casual to smart
casual and exhausted I blew
myself out

Saturday, February 12, 2005

fourth collaboration

The poetry below is part of a long sequence I'm writing about the body and emotion. Do comment by adding to the poem, deleting some of it, or in any way you choose.

this is a full body scan apt to discover the slightest
imperfection in excess body hair or a muscle out of place

don’t do casual
don’t do glance

It was only a branch line a further frame of reference another
addition to the sum of human contact or the careful phrasing of
language left out cell touching cell the prisoners of desire

beneath the single sheet I was moved imperceptibly as if the
friction of hands across skin and all the inner mechanics

Thursday, February 03, 2005

third collaboration

Welcome to my blog. I will publish some poetry on it every week, normally on a friday.

The poem is in italics.

If you want to contribute to the poem in any way then please do so.If you want to you can:
Give the poem a title or name.
Add to it.
Suggest deletions.
Re-write some or all of it.
Provide a link to somewhere else on the internet.
Make a comment.
Write a version of the poem or part of the poem in a language other than English.
Any of the above in a language other than English.

there were no fit words

the words bounced back

unfit for use

when addressed I respond well whatever

I want to write about loss

as if through the grammar of glass

I want to write about this much