Wednesday, March 23, 2005


although wherever Brezhnev went after giving up
smoking he instructed his security guards to
smoke in his presence and his translator to
blow smoke in his face and the official car
filled with smoke that exited in billows when
the door was opened my father she said
his daughter that was was never a well man
and became addicted to almost anything


Blogger Alison Croggon said...

although wherever MacDiarmid went after giving up
haggis he instructed his security guards to
disembowel in his presence and his translator to
ingest tripe in his face and the official car
filled with offal that exited in waves when
the door was opened my father she said
his daughter that was was never a sane man
and became addicted to almost anything

March 23, 2005 at 4:22 PM  
Blogger Scalljah said...

Particularly to the deep down way way down
to the loud 'n crowded
"I wanna see you naked"
like thee have in smash hits
'n snoop doggy whatsit sings about
in between gettin nicked
for whatever naughtiness
him 'n Ice T've bin gettin' up to
when they's is out 'n about wiv the ghosta Tupac
'n the soul of Giant Haystacks
or whoever the other fella who got topped
used as a moniker.

Yer know the one I mean don'tcher?
The big lad from LA or East coast
I'm not too sure of the exact positionin'
all I know is that he was a lard arse
who wobbled wiv the scantily clad
"bitches" in the videos he used to make
round the pools of porn house central
where all our MTV dreams
are played out so wheeze can
all keep breathin' that fantasy
we wanna believe is real 'n aint fake
coz if it was all just smoke 'n mirrors
would life on earth today be worth livin'
d'yer think?
Could we struggle through the day if
we knew that Beyonce wasn't gaggin' for it
full time offa every potato headed playmate gauched out
on Emmerdale 'n Eastenders?
'N wharra about the girls offa Hollyoaks
'n Corrie, Baywatch, Bugwatch, Trainwatch
Planewatch 'n Jamie Oliver does Dallas?
How could we continue to breathe if we
found that the truth just wasn't just up
to the scratch we wanted to itch
which might sound a bit daft, but I tell yer laah
I switched off years ago
'n yer'll be surprised at what's really got
us hooked up 'n fixed to the mainline
in this modern life wheeze is all tryin'
to be so uber nonchalent about
Aint you heard that the word is out
the countdown's started 'n no amount of arguin'
the toss of what we should be watchin' on a Wednesday
after we've had our tea 'n the sprogs are wantin'
to gawp at Buffy 'n you 'n the missus
is wantin' a bitta culture
in the form of House Swap
'n Decoratin' Delights
weekly highlight special
is gonna change that
or make it stop 'n go back
so wheeze get another snap of the molars
on the cherry pie that's now only
left over crumbs
fallen on the floor
or tumbled down the back of the couch
where they'll stay till yer get round
to a full spring clean wiv the new hoover
yer promised yerself when the payrise cums
'n the kids school trips have finished
'n yer can stop to think about yer life
wivout havin to worry 'bout
wether or not yer've got what it takes
to be happy in the future
when everythin's settled
'n all the plans yer makin' now
have cum to fruition
leavin yer in a state of wonderin
how yer ever reached 60
wivout skydivin naked
gettin yer head kicked in so bad
yer had to spend a month in intensive care
or creatin' 'n makin' sumthin for you alone.

March 25, 2005 at 1:55 PM  
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